Questions and Answers

Here are some commonly asked questions about our practice:

  • Do you charge for your visits?

    No, United Medical House Calls does not charge any extra fee or travel cost to our patients.   We bill your insurance and secondary insurance, if applicable.   It is important you contact your insurance carrier to review coverage and any out of pocket expense.

  • Do you do urgent calls or emergency visits?

    No, United Medical House calls is not an Emergency Service or urgent care. All emergencies need to go to emergency room and our office is staffed with nurses to answer your questions. We did not want to charge our patients any extra feels and we are able to do that by keeping tight, well planned driving routes for our providers. We do our best to see our patients for urgent needs and are currently working on a “urgent call” system. Providers are able to operate remotely and order tests, imaging and use other tools available until patient can be seen by provider.

  • How does your confirmation for appointments work?

    It is very important you confirm your visit with our team when they call or call back to confirm visit if you have a voicemail. You may also email  Our team will call 24 hours before your scheduled appointment.  If the appointment is not confirmed, it will be rescheduled for a later date.  We have attempted to give more notice but that results in many “no shows” and trouble with provider routing.
  • What is time frame for appointments?

    We have 2 time frames for appointments.  9am-1pm and 1pm to 6pm.  Unforeseen issues can present themselves when seeing a patient and some extra time may be needed by the provider. These time frames allow our providers to focus on patient care.  An estimated time of arrival or appointment time slot will not be given.

  • What is your pain/ narcotic policy?

    Our policy on pain medication or “narcotics” are in full compliance with DEA and DOH regulations. We take these policies very serious and there are no exceptions. This means that if the patient is able, they should go to pain management and will be advised to do so by their assigned provider. United Medical House Calls IS NOT Pain Management. United Medical House Calls offers and attempts other, non-narcotic methods such as Trigger Point injections, Physical Therapy and non-narcotic medications. Patients that are home bound can receive narcotics ONLY IF within DEA guidelines, Practice guidelines and is ALWAYS at the providers discretion.

  • How long does it take to get my refills?

    Our providers are on the road, actively seeing patients.  We require 48 hours to have a prescription refilled.  This does not apply to medications or antibiotics needed to treat an acute disease state or symptom.

  • Do I have to give up my Primary Care that I currently have?

    No, you do not have to give up your primary care.  United Medical House Calls can serve as a temporary provider while a patient is going through a recent pathology that resulted in difficulty getting to a Primary Care or getting an appointment in time.  United Medical House Calls will care for you while you are home bound and assist with achieving your goal of getting back to your primary care.   At patients request, we will be more than happy to keep your Primary Care updated on the patients progress.

  • Will I have the same provider for every visit?

    We do our best to keep the provider the same but things happen when routes are changed and another provider might come for a visit.  We will also intentionally send a different provider as we feel a second pair of eyes is always beneficial.

  • Will I see a Doctor?

    United Medical House Calls is a team of Doctors, Physician Assistant’s and Nurse Practitioner’s.  Your location will dictate which type of provider you see.  All providers are overseen by a Supervising Physician/ Medical Director.  If you are set on only seeing a “Doctor”, United Medical House Calls might not be the practice for you.

  • What are your operating hours?

    United Medical House Calls is open 9am-6pm, Monday through Friday.   AS stated above, we are not an urgent care or emergency service.

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