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Questions and Answers

  • What this Means?

    You will be able to communicate with a medical provider, get appropriate medical care/ treatments and not put yourself at risk to get COVID-19

  • Can I still use this service if I have a Primary Care doctor?

    Yes.  We will be more than happy to forward information to them upon request.

  • What do I use for the visit?

    Apple’s Face-time is preferred,  but other programs such as WhatsApp and Facebook Video Messaging can be used.

  • What should I do before I call?

    Click the link to download the Telemedicine Patient Form, print out the document and submit it to us for processing. Be as clear and specific as possible so our medical providers can assist you.

  • Can I get Medications?

    Yes, our providers are able to prescribe and refill medications if deemed necessary by the provider.

  • What if this is an Emergency?

    PLEASE dial 911 immediately

  • What if I don’t have Medicare and need a visit?

    We understand and we want to help.  We have 2 options:
    1) We would advise you to contact your insurance carrier and see if they will cover this visit.  They should due to the COVID-19 virus but we cannot speak for them.  
    2) We also offer CASH visits for $99.00, payment plans possible because we understand times are tough right now.  

Click to open the Telemedicine Patient Form