Here are a few words from our happy patients…

“My three year old did a number on his head one day playing, the stitches were clean and precise, and you could barely see the scar even seconds after the stitches came out.”

NicoleCutchogue, NYGoogle

“I was sick with the flu and too exhausted and dehydrated to get anywhere! My Heros; Medical House Calls of the North Fork to the rescue with IV fluids the medications I needed!”

JeanneGreenport, NYFacebook Reviews

‘When my husband twisted his ankle they took great care of him! Saved me thousands in ER visits, and the X-ray tech came right to the house!’

KristyGreenport, NY

“Always there when needed. Very understanding about my needs and could not do without them. Thank goodness for United Medical House calls.”

Valerie M.